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Silver in All Forms

Find the refined silver that best suits your taste. 

Like any other precious metal, fine silver buying is all about the form factor. The shape it takes is everything. You’re not getting unrefined metal with your silver bullion purchase. You’re getting minted, polished, commoditized metal of the highest quality. 

We deal in a variety of silver forms, including: 


  • Rounds Revel in one ounce of pure silver, embellished with everything from U.S. history to brand iconography. 
  • Silver Bullion Coins Feel the global community seems to shrink in your hands with silver coins from Mexico, South Africa, and more. 
  • Silver Bullion Bars Trade in minted silver bars in ounce weights from 1 to 100 as well as hefty kilo bars. 
  • Mints Discover some of the most popular private mints around as well as Kzoo’s own bullion mint. 

We even deal in special edition, limited, and rare pieces. Truly there is a collectible or metal investment for everyone. 


Our silver comes from a variety of trusted brands. This includes the U.S. Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM), Perth Mint, and more. Browse our full silver bullion collection above. There you will discover a global marketplace of the most reliable minted silver you can find. 


Premiums You Can Rely On

Spot prices might be set, but you deserve better premiums on your silver purchases. 


We constantly iterate our marketplace to ensure our buyers stand to benefit. With volume on our side, we are focused on getting you the best precious metal products for the best prices around. 


And thanks to our whiplash-inducing turnaround times, you get access to your low-premium silver purchase shockingly fast. Compare that to what you typically find with an online silver purchase when buying and selling. 

An Unparalleled Customer Experience

You are more than a transaction with your online silver purchase. 


Those dealing in precious metals deserve to be treated well. These aren’t penny stocks, after all; they are inherently valuable commodities. 


Silver holds value that few precious materials do. They are an investment in the future. They hold value you can touch. And they are for the upper tier of investors like you. 


When you both sell or buy silver bullions with Kzoo Bullion, you get access to our small, community-minded team. We see you as an extension of it. Whether you purchase silver bullions here and there or conduct your silver buying in bulk, we want you to feel truly special. 


Purchase your silver from the best bullion dealer on the web and sign up for an account today to stay up to date on all of the best deals. 

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