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A: We never drop-ship anything. We may offer a pre-sale for items that a mint has allocated to us but have not arrived yet from time to time, but that is always disclosed up front. Otherwise, we physically hold all inventory in our vaults.

A: Each state has different requirements for sales tax on precious metals and we collect taxes accordingly.

A: Every company that deals in precious metals is required to comply with the Anti-Money Laundering policies of the US Government (AML) and we are no exception. Any purchase of $10,000 or more that is paid for in a non-audited cash form as defined by the government (money order, cashier check, etc) must be reported to the government via IRS Form 8300. For this reason, Kzoo Precious Metals Inc does not accept payment for orders of $10,000 or more (or a combined set of orders within a 24-hour period that equals $10,000+) by the above mentioned payment types. Forms of payments from banking institutions such as bank wires/ach, credit cards, personal checks, etc have already been screened by an AML program at the bank level, so those are exempt from reporting by the precious metals dealer. This is why we will only accept those forms of payments for the larger orders.

A: Every shipment from Kzoo Precious Metals Inc is fully insured for its retail value, and we guarantee delivery to your residence or business. In the event of a loss, please contact our office and we will work diligently and promptly on the insurance claim. Please note for any parcel, insurance does not cover theft from your porch, mailbox, etc nor does it cover the item being delivered to the wrong address. If security is a concern to you, we strongly encourage you to request UPS, FedEx, etc to hold your package at their facility or partner location for you to pick up.

A: We accept all major credit and debit cards, PayPal, Bank Wire, Bank ACH, and E-Checks.  We do not accept money orders, traveler’s checks, cashier’s checks, or prepaid credit/debit cards.

A: We ship Monday-Friday from 10:00am-5:00pm under the “FIFO” method (first order in, first order out). Shipping time will solely be determined by the amount of orders that are queued  to ship ahead of yours. In the event that you purchased an item that was a part of a pre-sale, those items start to ship within 24 working hours of being received and processed by our team. Overall, our goal is to have your items ship within 3 working days of your payment clearing.

A: Orders can be cancelled for a number of reasons. One of those reasons may be because our risk management department flagged your order as a potential high-risk transaction. If this happens, please call our office to discuss your options. Another potential reason for an order to be cancelled is an error in the listing, or an error in our inventory levels.

A: Please call our office within 3 days from the delivery date if you would like to return your order. Please note that you may be liable for a market-loss fee.

A: Due to the nature of this industry, pricing can change every second for precious metals. For this reason, we (along with all major dealers) fully hedge our inventory. This process locks in our margin at the time that we purchase the inventory, so that we do not have spot-market risk. When your order is confirmed with us (not when you pay), we “buy back” our hedge on those items, thus making the metal completely susceptible to changes in its market value. If you decide you would like to cancel your order, return your order, etc and there is a decrease in spot value of your material, you are responsible for paying us that difference in price. We often get asked if the spot market goes up, do we pay you? Although we understand where it would seem as if that should be the case, that is not how hedging works. We do not make extra profit if the spot market goes up as the cost to “buy back” the hedge on your metal also increases. Our margin is our margin, regardless of the spot market. In the event that the spot market goes up, we just break even on the product due to this rise in cost. So, no we do not pay you if the market goes up.

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